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Randy Giles PaceAppraiser began in 1996 with a one page website. The entire focus was on hot pace races, sprints only, and only 26 tracks at that. A cheap calculator was eventually put aside for a simple QBasic program that generated the output. Three and a half years ago that simple program evolved into the more sophisticated PaceAppraiser Velocity Generator, with 72 supported tracks, and that included routes as well. And now the Velocity Generator has morphed into the PaceAppraiser Past Performances, which includes the hot pace factors that began all those years ago. Jason, my son and the programmer, is the creator of the Velocity Generator software and now the Java driven PaceAppraiser Past Performances.

Through all the different versions of PaceAppraiser I've tried to discover what really works. So PaceAppraiser became Research and then Company, an online horse racing lab, you might say. The discovery process, the lab work, filled volumes of notebooks and numerous spreadsheets with every conceivable combination of factors. The process still continues. The work to improve is never done.

It's been my pleasure to try to offer something of value to the most important group in the racing industry, the handicapper. My online visitors deserve the best I can do. My PaceAppraiser site is dedicated to that end.

Randy Giles