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It Ain't the Pace of the Horse!

I want to reiterate that every final time has its pace par. That seems so obvious but it's missed time and again by turf writers and handicappers too. You can call it energy distribution if you like; that phrase seems to be in vogue. If a final time equals 100% of energy used then there's only three possible pace shapes: Slow - Fast, Fast - Slow and Average - Average. But we must remember we are talking about the "pace of the race" and not the pace of the horse. The pace of "that" race and how the horse handled it will give us clues as to the pace ability of that horse - and that's what we're after. In my pace world, the very best horses are able to set or overcome a fast pace and continue on to record speed figures above par. The Velocity Generator is designed to give you that important pace information.