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More Ways to Bring Home the Bacon

One of the biggest bookmakers in the country passed away in 1936. Horse and Jockey magazine wasted no time publishing his secret system. The March 1937 issue revealed for posterity the Bookmaker's Under-Cover System - "he would certainly get a big chuckle thinking about the consternation of the remaining bookmakers".

Here's the results of a week's play at Arlington (November 14-20, 1936): "On a ten dollar flat bet......$480.00 total bet. My comeback was $1,036.00, leaving a neat profit of $556.00".

Without further ado:

The Bookmaker's Under-Cover System

1. Eliminate all horses that won their last race. (Winners repeat, but try and show a profit by betting them to repeat).
2. Determine the horse that went to the post the shortest price his last race and failed to win. (You may have a few stiffs but it will be a very small percentage as horses bet down to a short price are usually ready to win with average racing luck).
3. If two or more went to the post at the same price, your play is the horse that takes off the most weight.
4. Should more than one still remain, your play is the horse that has been running with the highest class company in recent races.
5. An added rule is necessary in the following cases. If any of the horses in the race you are figuring ran in the field or as one of an entry their last start go back to the previous race or the last race the horse ran uncoupled. (The price quoted on a horse coupled in an entry is no true indication of the regard in which the horse in question is held by the moneyed bettor).

So there you have it again. Straight from the grave of a bookmaker. Now you have no excuse not to bring home the 1936 bacon. We all know that systems do not work. Each horse race is an independent event of a multitude of factors that no single formula can conquer consistently. But it doesn't keep us from trying...on and on. In a way, it's an admirable pursuit. After all, hope springs eternal.