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The Down 'n Dirty Sprinter

Let's make some money. Let's do it in sprints. Let's start with two-dimensional early pace running styles (E/P) with at least 20% of the speed points in the field. We'll need an improving early pace horse too. Let's make sure our good thing is fast enough and has above average pace ability. And finally, let's make sure we never bet our good thing below 5-2. I'm going to make a promise. If you follow this approach exactly you will turn a profit. You could call this one the Down ‘n Dirty Sprinter.

1. Add all the speed points in the race. Divide each horse's speed points by the total to arrive at a percentage of total. Example: 8/16 = 50%. Horse has 8 speed points in a field with only 16. Must have at least 20% of the total speed points. The goal is to be 1st, 2nd or 3rd at the first call.
2. Must be early/presser -E/P. This one is very important. Label them correctly.
3. Must have one of the top three speed figures in the race in one of its last three races. We just want to make sure our good thing has competitive final time ability.
4. Must show improving form. No winners. No previous winners. No string of in the money finishes. We want an improving not a declining horse. Look for surprise improvements from previous race. Pay close attention to this one. Think improving form all the time. Your level of success will depend on this one!
5. Must be exiting a fast pace race and up close at the second call. We want superior pace ability.
6. Proceed to betting window/computer terminal if odds are 5-2 or better.
7. Be patient

Test it for yourself. I want to emphasize improving form. It will make or break you. Good luck.