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Turf Time

If you like turf racing like I do then here's some turf sires that produce offspring that love the turf. Look for first or second time out on the turf. Add another factor like a *surprise pace race and you'll have a nice overlay. Oh, don't forget to add a *fast pace rating to the mix. A Fast 5 or better will do just fine.

By the way, I believe turf ratings cause a little too much play. A stable of productive turf sires works much better. It limits your play. A stable of 12 works just fine, in my experience. Like I said, look for surprise pace races and a pace velocity of Fast 5 or better. Here's a stable of twelve.

Royal Academy
Belong to Me
Arch Royal
El Prado
*Ire Skywalker
Polish Navy
Avenue of Flags
French Deputy
Spinning World

I still look for Verbatim, Stage Door Johnny, In Reality, Little Current, and some more. Those were the good days. I haven't seen or tracked any Impact Value studies on the sires I've listed here but they come from known turf producers -well, not many players know about them. Remember to add at least one of the other factors, though. *Surprise pace race: Less than 3/4s of a length off the leader at the pace call and the previous race was not.