Contrary to rumors, we’re still in business.

PaceAppraiser is still in business and looking forward to Breeder’s Cup.

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The PaceAppraiser Form Factor Rating

I’ve been asked how the Form Factor Rating is calculated so here you go. The Handicapper’s Lab does all the work for you.

Form Factor Rating
1 pt for key pace race (fast 5 or more/last pace line)
1 pt for surprise in the money finish out of the last three pace lines
1 pt for a surprise pace race (less than ¾ length last pace line but not the previous paceline)
1 pt for a big win (more than 1 length off pace at 1st or 2nd call and won by three lengths or more)
1 pt for layoff then a good race (in the money) and then bad race last paceline (out of the money)
1 pt for 20% jockey (horse header or footer)
1 pt for 20% trainer (horse header)
1 pt for competitive speed figure (last three races

And here’s the best way to use it:

If a horse is in the top three betting choices then I want a FFR of 3 or better. Lower odds horses must have more information going for them, and that’s what the FFR is designed to do. For example, a 7/5 favorite with a FFR of 1 is a serious underlay. I’m very interested in horses that are not in the top three betting choices but have a FFR 3 or better (more positive information). I especially like 2D Early Pace Box horses with a FFR3+ that are not in the top three betting choices. So the FFR is a good tool to determine underlays and overlays.

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How to Unblock PaceAppraiser in Java

The new Java update blocks PaceAppraiser. No problem. Here’s the quick fix. We’re working on the permission manifest attribute that will bypass this entirely but till then the Exception Site List does the job.

How can I configure the Exception Site List?
This article applies to:
Java version(s): 7.0
The Exception Site List feature is being introduced in the release of Java 7 Update 51. By adding application URL to the Exception list allows users to run Rich Internet Applications (RIAs) that would normally be blocked by security checks.

Listed below are cases which will allow applications to run by adding the application url to the exception site list:
If application is not signed with a certificate from trusted certificate authority.
If application is hosted locally.
Jar file not having the Permission manifest attribute.
Application signed with an expired certificate.
Certificate used to sign the application cannot be checked for revocation.

Manage the Exception Site List
The exception site list is managed in the Security tab of the Java Control Panel. The list is shown in the tab. To add, edit or remove a URL from list, Click Edit Site List and follow the directions shown.

Add a URL
Click on the Edit Site List button.
Click the Add in the Exception Site List window.
Click in the empty field under Location field to enter the URL.
Example: (Note: URL should begin with http:// or https://) (type in and
Click OK to save the URL that you entered.
Click Continue on the Security Warning dialog.

Edit a URL
Double click the URL that you want to edit in the Exception Site List window.
Make change to the URL.
Click OK to save the changes.
Remove a URL
Click the URL that you want to remove in the Exception Site List window.
Click Remove.
Click OK to save your change.

Java Exception Site List

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JCapper Instructions

Here is a link to a web page that contains instructions for downloading and installing JCapper Silver that will generate the comma delimited file we use with PaceAppraiser products:

Once the Silver software has been installed, you will need to learn how to use a JCapper Silver module called the HDW File Manager and its File Download Tool to queue up and download files from the HDW site – and from there run a .JCP File Build Routine to create comma delimited text data files on the hard drive.

To that end, here is a link to a webpage at where a number of JCapper videos are posted… All of the videos are similar in that they are recorded computer screens while performing different tasks in JCapper and doing voice-over:

***SPECIFIC videos related to operation of the HDW File Manager that the customer should watch can be found in the JCapper BASIC section at the above link.

They are:
Data Vendor Setting
Data Folder Manager
and of particular interest…
Downloading Files from the HDW Site by Date (and building comma delimited text .JCP Files)

FYI, there is also a help docs page at where the same subject matter is covered in depth. The Demo User Quick Start Guide Help Doc contains a class outline… link here:

A good place to start would be to work through the exercises in the class outline – especially the section titled Processing HDW Files.

If you have any problems, give Jeff a call at 858.869.7269 and he’ll have you up and running in no time.


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HDW JCapper Silver Unlimited Download Plan Now Available at PaceAppraiser

Now you can use JCapper files with PaceAppraiser PPs and the Handicapper’s Lab.

Sliver Unlimited Download Plan at $89 per month
Flex Data (daily plan) at $5.95 per day capped at 15 days/$89 per month max. (Great option for weekend players)

Thoroughbred Horse Racing Data Plan Description:
Under the JCapper Flex Data Plan, there are no monthly minimums and no long term contracts.

Download data and results files by the day, use them to generate past performances – and pay only for the individual dates that you download.

There’s a monthly Cap that kicks in as soon as you reach 15 unique download days for the files of any single calendar month.

Under this plan, you get unlimited thoroughbred horse racing past performance data and results file downloads for any single calendar month priced at the Cap amount.

Here’s how it works:

Daily Pricing:
Under the JCapper Flex Data Plan, each unique date that you download is called a download day.

JCapper Basic and JCapper Silver customers, price per download day: $5.95.

Monthly Pricing and Cap Amounts:
Under this plan, there’s a monthly Cap that kicks in as soon as you reach 15 unique download days for the files of any single calendar month.

JCapper Silver customers: Total monthly download bill capped at: $89.

Reach 15 download days – and the Cap kicks in for that month’s files.

Under the JCapper Flex Data Plan:
You get every past performance data file and every text chart results file available from HDW (Handicappers Data Warehouse) for every single one of your download days. That’s data and results for every thoroughbred race in North America that download day.

You are billed at the daily rate for each unique download day. As soon as you reach 15 unique download days for the files of any single calendar month: The Cap kicks in for that month’s files.

Your download bill for the files of any single calendar month is never more than the Cap amount.

You get unlimited file downloads each month for the Cap amount.

HDW will make JCapper files available on their server for up to a year.
Let’s say you had 10 unique download dates for the month of November. You’ll have the ability to go back into the files for that month any time within the 1 year period – and download the dates you missed.

But, when you go back in and start downloading files from that month… as soon as you reach 15 unique download dates for that month… The Cap kicks in… And you only pay the difference between the Cap amount and what you already paid for that month.

You pay for data only. The software (JCapper BASIC or JCapper Silver) for downloading from HDW and generating comma delimited text past performance data and results files is included free of charge as part of your data plan. Files work with PaceAppraiser PPs and the Handicapper’s Lab.

Click for more information:

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Testing Unlimited File Downloads for our PPs and Handicapper’s Lab

We will support the JCapper data files shortly (unlimited downloads at a great price). Testing now. Almost ready to go. Stay tuned. We will continue to support BRIS single data files.

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Unlimited File Downloads Coming Soon

Great price on unlimited monthly file downloads just about ready to go. Stay tuned.

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