Some Key MC results (Repost)

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There are a couple key pace (Fast 5+) race types in the maiden claiming ranks that we need to be aware of.

  1. A Fast 5+ key pace race horse that does not have a speed figure in one of its last three races that’s within the competitive speed figure range is a low, low probability proposition to win. A competitive speed figure range is simply the top three speed figures in the field.
  2. Key pace (Fast 5+) horses that have a competitive speed figure in one of its last three races are much more productive.

 Now for today’s key fast pace/maiden claiming results, along with the number of qualifiers.

  1. $9.00 (1)
  2. $8.40 (2)
  3. $5.00 (2)
  4. $3.40 (1)
  5. 2       (2)
  6. X       (1)

As you can see nine horse qualified. A flat $2 bet comes to $18.00

The gross was $25.80

The profit was $7.80

The ROI was 43%

Maybe you could have made only six bets and still picked up the 4 winners.

Now let’s look at the key pace horses that did not qualify on the competitive speed figure range.

  1. X        (1)
  2. 4        (1)
  3. X        (1)
  4. 4        (1)
  5. $9.40  (1)

 Once again you can see we had to invest $10

Gross returned $9.40

Do the math. It’s a losing proposition today. Not much but still.

 Now, for all of you sample fanatics (I’m one of them) this proves nothing. It’s just a day, and very, very, very small sample. I agree. Let me say that again….I agree. But that’s not necessarily what this blog/news site is about. Since I started this in 1998 (three different sites at three different times) I’ve presented nothing more than ideas for you to track to see how things go. I believe that’s the fun of it. Oh yeah, in my inbox I’ve received some very good ideas too.

If you’re here for the first time, please read the preceding post.

January 26, 2010 • Posted in: Articles

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