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Close Look Horses for 2/26

This is a list of two dimensional early pace horses that are in light pace pressure races today. These horses should be given a close or second look since they will be racing in a complimentary pace match-up for their running style. The codes: Track – Race # – Horse # – Horse Name

1 [...]

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The Down ‘n Dirty Sprinter

Let’s make some money. Let’s do it in sprints. Let’s start with two-dimensional early pace running styles (E/P) with at least 20% of the speed points in the field. We’ll need an improving early pace horse too. Let’s make sure our good thing is fast enough and has above average pace ability. And finally, let’s [...]

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Easy Pace Spots for 2/25

Today’s Early Pace Advantaged Horses

Race 3 – 3 Jimmy Vegas (2nd)
Race 9 – 5 Leader Of The Lite (Scratched)
Race 4 – 2 Eyes On Versailles (Win $4.20)

Race 3 – 5 She’s Funomenal (2nd)
Race 9 – 6 Treasure Hunter (Out)

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The Tao of the Circle Approach

an odds line and the middle wayIf you want to get a room full of handicappers up in arms then bring up the subject of odds lines. One extreme will tell you flat out that you will never make a profit if you don’t have an odds line. The other extreme will tell you it’s [...]

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Easy Pace Spots for 2/24

Today’s Early Pace Advantaged Horses

Race 3 – 6 Joey P. – (Win $7.70)
Race 8 – 6 Monkey Dust – (Out)

Race 2 – 1 Houston Heist – (4th)
Race 4 – 2 Underground – (Win $3.20)
Race 7 – 3 Via Veneto – Scratched

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The Math of Early Speed

Lately I’ve been looking at the math of early pace running styles, especially the one-dimensional types. I found something very interesting, I think. Since we play this game with an eye on the odds (or should), it’s important to know the probabilities of a 1 dimensional early pace horse making its running style in the [...]

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A Horseplayer’s Missing Link?

I’ve made some pretty stupid plays in my day. They drive/drove me crazy. At least crazy enough to investigate the problem and visit a shrink if necessary. I actually did make that visit. I spend three years with a shrink trying to discover the reasons an otherwise sane person – and intelligent one, if you [...]

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