Dutching for Fun and Profit

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We’ve all heard the word Dutching. In the old American Turf Monthly book called Treasury of American Turf there’s an interesting article about the topic. Here’s how it goes:

Set a daily goal, say, of $50. Make sure your top three contenders win at a clip of 75 to 8o% – that’s the most important part. Follow this Bookie Percentage Wagering Table and bet all three of your contenders.

Post Time Odds/Amount to Wager

7-2——————————- $11.00
8-1——————————— $6.00
9-1——————————— $5.00
10-1—————————— $5.00
Over 10-1———————-$4.00

Now, the total amount bet should never exceed $42 (That’s based on $2 bets. It could be $420 if you’re betting more, obviously). The author suggests a max of $35 (or more as I just said) for best results. As always you must pick your best betting spots. That’s means it works best when your contenders are not all in the top three betting choices – that figures. Follow the program and you’ll make a profit every single day. Well, that’s what the articles said.

Disclaimer: I have never used this approach but it might be a good research project. A $2 test project won’t kill anybody.

March 1, 2010 • Posted in: Articles

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