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The Power of Pace Velocity Ratings

Want to know how that speed figure was earned? What about flagging horses on the improve? Would you like to know a horse’s pace ability – how it handles a certain pace velocity? What about discovering the quality of the race a horse faced in the past? Want to uncover key pace races? Would like [...]

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The Handicapper’s Condition Book and Pace

I don’t recommend books very often but there’s one you just have to have to be a complete player, I think. It’s called The Handicapper’s Condition Book by James Quinn. If you have it read it again and again. Keep it close by. If you don’t have it then buy it. I think it comes [...]

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Physiology and Speed Figures

Let’s say a horse gets loose on the lead and runs a final time of 1:47 at 1 1/8 mile. And let’s say the pace was 1:09 4/5th. Now let’s say the average or par pace time for this final time is 1:08 flat. The race comes up slow 9 at the pace call and [...]

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How to Improve your ROI with Early Pace Boxes

Since March 14th I’ve been playing only Early Pace Box qualifiers with a Form Factor Rating of 3 or better, and they fit the eligibility conditions profiles. I played them all to win. This morning I did my books. I was astonished at the results. I broke them down into two groups. The first group [...]

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Longshot of the Day

April 3
Philadelphia – Race 2 – 10Kn3L – #1 Marek’s Czech – ML 15/1 (Late pace advantage. Pass if one or more horses scratch. We do not want the late pace advantage to disappear due to early pace scratches) Result – Early pace horse scratch – pass.

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