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The PaceAppraiser Utility Update

Jason and I are just about ready to release the new standalone program/utility, which will include the improving form factors for layoffs, superior pace figures, surprise pace races, and surprise money finishes. The program will also include some “beware” and “no go” factors. We’re also adding a nicer interface to the program. We want it [...]

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New Update in the Works

We have an update in the works for our standalone utility. Jason and I will be working on it this weekend. The important surprise pace race factor will be included along with a couple more. As you’ve probably read here at PaceAppraiser Extra we have plans to complete the utility with the extreme pace, lone [...]

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Early Pace Box Winners since March 14

I’ve had numerous requests for a list of early pace box qualifiers. I’ve listed them below*. Read this and this and this and this first. I found the qualifiers with my 2dEPB program that’s free to current subscribers. The default settings did the trick, and quickly. After studying these races, you should have your early [...]

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No Mush, Please

Playing the Horses the Edgy WayI use two classifications for races, Edgy and Mushy. The Edgy types are the races that have horses that will be traveling in a comfortable pace environment. These environments include the extreme pace aberrations and the pace boxes. The Mushy races are the ones that have numerous horses traveling in [...]

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Free Program for PA Subscribers

PaceAppraiser Newsletter 05.06.2010
Good news: We have a new standalone program that will locate early pace box horses in a flash. You can sort by CSFR (Competitive Speed Figure Range), FFR3+ (Form Factor Rating of 3 or better), 2dEPB (Early Pace Box horses along with Lone Early Pace Box qualifiers), PCZ (Horses that qualify in the [...]

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Horse Racing, Baseball and Emotions

“Showing emotion is just not done because baseball (horse racing) is such a humbling game. The exultation of success is going to be followed in short order by the cold slap of failure. Any team’s success. Anyone’s success. So why get high when a low is just around the corner. Baseball (horse racing) is a [...]

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