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PaceAppraiser Newsletter 05.06.2010

Good news: We have a new standalone program that will locate early pace box horses in a flash. You can sort by CSFR (Competitive Speed Figure Range), FFR3+ (Form Factor Rating of 3 or better), 2dEPB (Early Pace Box horses along with Lone Early Pace Box qualifiers), PCZ (Horses that qualify in the Pace Comfort Zone category last race, and F6+ (Horse coming out of Key Pace Races starting at Fast 6).

With this small standalone program you can sort for the above factors in any combination in a split second. For example, I downloaded 10 tracks for today and found the Early Pace Box horses at all those tracks instantly. What a time saver. My goal has always been this: Find ways to process as much information as possible and as efficiently as possible; fast without oversights. If you want to find the Fast 6 horses, done. Looking only for Fast 6 and CSFR horses? Done…etc.

I’ve been testing the program since March 14th and it’s been doing the job spot on. As a matter of fact, I’ve been concentrating on Early Pace Box horses exclusively since that date. All I’ve had to do is download my files from BRIS, unzip them with UnPacker (You can download that unzip utility at PaceAppraiser Extra), launch the little program, load the folder where my BRIS files live, and there they are, listed and ready to print. From there I load the PaceAppraiser PPs and go directly to those races at the listed track and hit print. At this point, and this is important, I’m ready to look at the eligibility conditions and form cycles. Remember, this is not an automatic betting system but rather a very fast way to zero in on horses that will be traveling in a comfortable pace environment and qualify on the other important factors powered by the program. If you want you can drop the early pace box option and look at any other combination. For example, I like to look for Form Factor Rating 3+ horses that are coming out of a Fast 6 pace of the race velocity. That’s a good combination and one I’m adding to my pace box plays.

How to: Download the program zip file. Unzip it to your Desktop. Open the folder. Click the program and you’re ready to go. Jason and I are working on adding some additional factors to the program like surprise in the money finishes ($!), surprise pace race (PR+), superior pace figure horses (PF!), extreme pace match-up horses, all the horses that fit in pace boxes, which includes lone front-runners, lone pressers, and late pace advantaged horses. We’re also looking into adding all the factors to the web based PPs. Once we do that you won’t need the standalone program.

Please Note: You will need NET Framework 2.0 or higher to run the program. Check your Windows Updates or your Control Panel. Most computers are set to go so try the program first.

More good news: It’s FREE (for subscribers current only).

Subscribers have been notified. If you’re a subscriber but didn’t receive the notification let me know and I’ll get the program to you ASAP. If you have any questions, I’ll be happy to answer them.



May 6, 2010 • Posted in: Articles, Updates

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