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Playing the Horses the Edgy Way

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I use two classifications for races, Edgy and Mushy. The Edgy types are the races that have horses that will be traveling in a comfortable pace environment. These environments include the extreme pace aberrations and the pace boxes. The Mushy races are the ones that have numerous horses traveling in the five different running style categories or races that do not qualify for a pace box match-up. In these races no horse has a pace picture advantage, therefore they are Mushy. I want Edgy races. These are the races that keep me in the black ink.

For example:

Edgy Race:

This race has an early pace box; that’s edgy to me. The three 2d early pace horses are in a comfort pace picture match-up.

Mushy Race:

Where’s the edge in this race? Nowhere, and therefore a Mushy Race. In other words, the pace picture match-up does not point to an advantaged running style.

Edgy and Mushy races are all about the pace picture match-up. Secondary factors, angles and the rest might get it done in the Mushy races but in my experience the ROI plummets along with the win percentage, and that’s not acceptable to me. But remember, I’m talking about win betting and pick 3 and 4 wagering, not bets of the vertical kind. I’m a win/horizontal player so this information is vital to my success…and sanity.

This approach means you’ll play fewer races but your win percentage and ROI will be higher. It takes discipline, though. If you need lots of action then playing exclusively the Edgy way is not for you.

Disclaimer: There are a number of ways to win at the races. This is just my way.

May 11, 2010 • Posted in: Articles

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