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PA Utility Embedded Database Update

We have embedded the database files into a single executable file (PaceAppraiser.exe). Subscribers can download it on the Java console page. Delete the the old one, unzip this one, place the executable on your desktop and you’re ready to go. We have included a desktop icon.
The next version will include the Lone Front Runner, the [...]

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PA Filter Update

The new filtering utility is ready to go. We’ve added five new options: Two dimensional early pace horses (2dE). Surprise pace races (PR+). Power pace figure pattern (PF!). First and second start off layoff (L1/L2). Speed figure range last race and second race back (1R/2R). I’ll go into these in a minute. As you probably [...]

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My Early Pace Box Worksheet

The following worksheet is the same one I use daily to spot prime early pace box horses. Make sure your early pace box horse fits the conditions of eligibility; that’s very important to this approach. Read these articles for definitions and procedures:
Article 1
Article 2
Article 3
EC+/F+ @ FFR 3+ @ E/P 5-7 @ Early Pace Boxes

The [...]

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