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A Red Red Flag

Check out the image below. This horse went off at 6/5 but didn’t hit the board. Look for the big red flag.

The betting public loves these types of horses. Read the eligibility conditions and then check those last three races. This is the so-called class horse, right? Now look at the last pace of the [...]

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How to Find Extreme Pace Horses Fast

Click on the these links to see how fast you can find extreme pace advantaged horses with the PaceAppraiser PPs.
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Find Lone Early Pace here.
Find Late Pace here.
More clips to come…

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New PA Filtering Program in Works

Progress Update: We’re working on the new version of the PaceAppraiser Filtering Program. Here are the options that are in the works:
1. 20% trainer this year & meet
2. 20% jockey this year & meet
3. 20% trainer/jockey combo
4. Big win
5. Lone presser
6. Extreme late pace advantage
7. Pace Comfort Zone rating of 5.0 & less
8. Turf breeding [...]

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