The Handicapper’s Lab by PaceAppraiser Release Date Set

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We will be releasing the newest version of our filtering program the first week of January 2011. This version has over 30 filters, which means there are literally hundreds of combinations to research and use in your daily handicapping. We have a new interface to boot. Jason and I are very excited about this project. The current version has been a great help to me and I can’t wait to work with this newest version. No more excuses for missing important factors now; the program just won’t allow it.

We have a new name for the program too – The Handicapper’s Lab by PaceAppraiser. It’s definitely a handicapping laboratory, and it’s definitely just plain fun to use. A detailed PDF file will be included in the download, so stay tuned.

P.S. Here are some research examples:
Want to know if there’s a lone front-runner in today’s card or cards? Done
How about a Lone Presser? Done
What about a Presser/Closer in a late pace bias race? Done
Want to know if there’s a key pace horse racing in a light early pace pressure race? Done
How about a 20% jockey/trainer combo coming out of a surprise money finish? Done
Want to know just a list of horses that have Pace Comfort Zone Rating of less than 5.0? Done
What about a list of horses that are over the PCZ of 5.0 for your exactas in the second spot? Done.
How about early pace horses coming out of two sprints and routing today? Done
Want to know only the horses that had a Big Win last race? Done
What about an OX bounce pattern off a layoff? Done
Want a list of horses that are coming out of key pace races and are 5/1 or higher morning line? Done

Well, you get the idea. This list goes on and on and on.

December 7, 2010 • Posted in: Articles

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