January Results for LE/CSFR Handicapper’s Lab Factors

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In the month of January I used the Handicapper’s Lab for front runners (LE) along with the competitive speed figure range qualifiers (CSFR) options and finished the month with a positive return on investment of +40.6 percent! (No other handicapping was done, just the LE and CSFR options). The only exclusion was maiden races–too many first time starters. I ended the month with 136 plays for that fine return on investment. Yesterday, the first day of February, I had three plays (LE/CSFR) and finished the day with one winner for a +70% ROI.

The idea is simple: The horse is fast enough to compete in today’s race (CSFR) and could get loose on the lead (LE). So stay tuned. Maybe there is a black box after all.

February 2, 2011 • Posted in: Articles

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