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Scratch Function for Handicapper’s Lab Now Available

We’ve just completed testing…
The scratch function for the Handicapper’s Lab is ready to go. We’ve also included a Save Profile option, which allows you to save your favorite profiles for easy access the next time you use the program. A video is in the works that will explain the new features.
Current owners of the Handicapper’s [...]

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Scratch Function and The Handicapper’s Lab

We’re now testing the scratch function for the Handicapper’s Lab. It will be ready to go very soon. We’re also adding a Save Profile function to the Lab. Stay tuned for release date.

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Winner Last Race Research Project Update for 2011

Is there a black box that can turn a profit? I’ve never believed it, and I’ve done a lot of research. Well, maybe, just maybe, I’m ready to change my mind. Here’s what I’ve found:
I’ve been following last race winners (The Handicapper’s Lab option is WLR) since Jan. 10th, 2011. I added CSRF/R1 (competitive speed [...]

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