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BRIS Prime Power and Pace

PaceAppraiser Forum Entry (Thank you Sean):

I sort my past performances by Prime Power (BRIS factor) numbers instead of Program Numbers and all that seems to do is make the chalk the top pick. I use this order as a means of looking at the Prime Power horses and finding reasons why they shouldn’t win. Say you have a Top 3 Prime Power horse that’s a 2dE (Early Pace Box) in a 27×0 Pace Pressure Gauge race. You better give me another good reason to bet this horse other than the fact that he’s a Prime Power horse because in this pace scenario I wouldn’t touch him. He may be viable if his Pace Comfort Zone is over 2.5; but even so, I’m still leery. I learned a long time ago that the first thing you have to do before you handicap a horse race is to read the conditions. If the horse doesn’t fit the conditions, approach with caution.


You’re so right. The eligibility conditions are very important. A lot of handicappers don’t read them. If the class and pace combination is the best bet in racing – and I think it is – then the eligibility conditions and pace boxes, along with extreme pace advantages, will give us that powerful information. I think most players think that class drops are the only class advantages but a perfect eligibilty conditions fit works as well, and with better prices. In summary: a horse that will be comfortable with its pace environment and fits the eligibility conditions is the best win bet in racing.


February 14, 2012 • Posted in: Articles

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