JCapper Instructions

Here is a link to a web page that contains instructions for downloading and installing JCapper Silver that will generate the comma delimited file we use with PaceAppraiser products:


Once the Silver software has been installed, you will need to learn how to use a JCapper Silver module called the HDW File Manager and its File Download Tool to queue up and download files from the HDW site – and from there run a .JCP File Build Routine to create comma delimited text data files on the hard drive.

To that end, here is a link to a webpage at JCapper.com where a number of JCapper videos are posted… All of the videos are similar in that they are recorded computer screens while performing different tasks in JCapper and doing voice-over:


***SPECIFIC videos related to operation of the HDW File Manager that the customer should watch can be found in the JCapper BASIC section at the above link.

They are:
Data Vendor Setting
Data Folder Manager
and of particular interest…
Downloading Files from the HDW Site by Date (and building comma delimited text .JCP Files)

FYI, there is also a help docs page at JCapper.com where the same subject matter is covered in depth. The Demo User Quick Start Guide Help Doc contains a class outline… link here:


A good place to start would be to work through the exercises in the class outline – especially the section titled Processing HDW Files.

If you have any problems, give Jeff a call at 858.869.7269 and he’ll have you up and running in no time.


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