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1932 Kentucky Derby

The May 1932 issue of Horse and Jockey magazine did a nice spread on the Kentucky Derby for that year. Brother Joe, a handsome dark brown colt owned by Kentucky colonel E. R. Bradley, had future book odds of 300/1 but by May they dropped to 30/1 for fifth choice. Top Flight, the filly, [...]

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Slow Pace & You’ll Be Sorry

If you’ve been reading this blog for long you know there’s a lot of talk about fast pace races, key pace races, etc. But it’s just as important to know if the pace was unusually slow. In his book Figure Handicapping, James Quinn wrote, “Thus, whenever the pace of the race has been unusually fast [...]

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Zen and the Art of Past Performances

Is your head swirling with too much information? Trainer stats, bias ratings, trip notes, jockey/trainer combos, class appraisal, form appraisal, etc., and please give me an Excedrin. Signal-to-noise ratio is in full bloom? Well, I recently read Malcolm Gladwell’s New York Times bestseller Blink  in which Gladwell does a entertaining job of describing the human [...]

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The Bias

and the flyboy lunaticWell, the last newsletter created a bit of a controversy. Some folks simply thought I was a fly-boy lunatic for questioning ratings such as an obvious phenomenon called a track/dirt bias. And then there were some “way to go” folks out there, too. I hit the nail squarely on the head, they [...]

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Pace Picture Techniques

Today I want to go into some ways that you can use the pace picture that will help you organize and do your work as efficiently as possible. But first let me talk a bit about the pace picture and how powerful it can be. That simple little doodle of a pace picture up there [...]

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Bring Home the Bacon 1936 Style

One of the biggest bookmakers in the country passed away in 1936. Horse and Jockey magazine wasted no time publishing his secret system. The March 1937 issue revealed for posterity the Bookmaker’s Under-Cover System – “he would certainly get a big chuckle thinking about the consternation of the remaining bookmakers”.
Here are the results of a week’s [...]

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The Man Speaks

I’m the proud owner of a Robert Saunders Dowst tome (He got some help from Jay Craig – see the cover). It was published by the Sun Dial Press of NYC in 1940. The copyright is dated 1934. Copies are hard to find. Start with EBay. The book ranks amongst the top five of all the [...]

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