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The Handicapper’s Lab does not contain spyware, malware or trojans of any kind; it’s completely free of malicious scripts. It’s simply a standalone executable file. It does not need to be installed. Download it, unzip it, and run it. If a virus protection program flags it as a virus, it is a false positive. This [...]

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January Results for LE/CSFR Handicapper’s Lab Factors

In the month of January I used the Handicapper’s Lab for front runners (LE) along with the competitive speed figure range qualifiers (CSFR) options and finished the month with a positive return on investment of +40.6 percent! (No other handicapping was done, just the LE and CSFR options). The only exclusion was maiden races–too many [...]

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How to Find Big Prices with Lone Front Runners

I wrote about this one in Extreme Pace Handicapping. Today at BEU one comes along at at great price. The Handicapper Lab got it with a few clicks of my mouse.

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The Handicapper’s Lab Power Turf Sires

The TS+ option is powerful…

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The Handicapper’s Lab Ready for Download

The Handicapper’s Lab is ready to go…
Gulfstream, Santa Anita and Oaklawn here we come!
See how fast you can locate pace advantage horses with The Handicapper’s Lab

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The Handicapper’s Lab Available Tomorrow

We will release the The Handicapper’s Lab tomorrow, Friday, Jan. 7. Check back for pricing.
Please note: The core section of the program is the Pace Styles section. Start here to build your pace match-up advantages.
Abbreviation Quick Guide

(Image smaller than actual program)
Surf/Dist – Surface and Distance (Boxes left unchecked includes ALL surfaces and distances)
Dirt/AW – Dirt [...]

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Batting Average in the Win Pool

If you can win 20% (.200 batting average) of your races at average odds of 5/1, your ROI, return on investment, will be +20%; and that’s a good goal to have, 20%. Here’s the math:
.20 X 5 – .80 = .20 (win percent times odds minus losing percent equals ROI)
Let’s do another one:
If you can [...]

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