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CPL/CP/FFR 3+/CSFR/PCZ 5.0 Limit

The month of January has been a good one. Here’s how. It’s called the CPL/CP/FFR 3+/CSFR/PCZ 5.0 Limit. I’ll explain in a minute. First, let’s just say I’m a profile fanatic. You could call the profiles equations, too. When they appear and the price is right I’m a happy person. I know over time I’m [...]

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Some Key MC results (Repost)

There are a couple key pace (Fast 5+) race types in the maiden claiming ranks that we need to be aware of.

A Fast 5+ key pace race horse that does not have a speed figure in one of its last three races that’s within the competitive speed figure range is a low, low probability proposition to [...]

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Critical thinking and polytrack (Repost)

Turfway’s first meet on the polytrack surface saved horses, which is really what it’s all about. The posted fractions and final times were slower. The second meet on polytrack changed to a faster surface. Again, good for horses. The fractions and final times were faster that time ‘round.
I’m happy to report that the pace/final time [...]

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Pace Comfort Zones

One of the tools we use with the PaceAppraiser PPs is the Pace Comfort Zone. This rating tells us the number of lengths from off the pace at the second call (one dimensional early pace types always have a zero rating) a horse can be successful. A horse that does not get into its pace [...]

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