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Class + Pace = $$$

Put this information in a 2D Early Pace Box and watch the magic. You can read about that important pace box here. I posted this article a few weeks ago but the pace box addition needed to be emphasized.
This year has been a good one. Here’s how. It’s called the CPL/CP/FFR 3+/CSFR/PCZ 5.0 Limit. I’ll [...]

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Beat the Maidens

I’m interested in an automatic bet. A friend sent me an article on the topic and so I’m thinking about it again. Depending on the player or misanthropist you talk to a research sample size must be anywhere from a couple hundred to a million zillion before the results can be trusted. Even at the [...]

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Pace Velocity and the Final Fraction

Today I want to talk a bit about the adjusted speed figure that’s included in the PA PPs. I received a letter, not an email, about it, and so it occurred to me the adjusted figure is not well understood. That’s my fault. The jest of the letter was this: All well respected writers of [...]

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Dutching for Fun and Profit

We’ve all heard the word Dutching. In the old American Turf Monthly book called Treasury of American Turf there’s an interesting article about the topic. Here’s how it goes:
Set a daily goal, say, of $50. Make sure your top three contenders win at a clip of 75 to 8o% – that’s the most important [...]

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The Down ‘n Dirty Sprinter

Let’s make some money. Let’s do it in sprints. Let’s start with two-dimensional early pace running styles (E/P) with at least 20% of the speed points in the field. We’ll need an improving early pace horse too. Let’s make sure our good thing is fast enough and has above average pace ability. And finally, let’s [...]

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The Tao of the Circle Approach

an odds line and the middle wayIf you want to get a room full of handicappers up in arms then bring up the subject of odds lines. One extreme will tell you flat out that you will never make a profit if you don’t have an odds line. The other extreme will tell you it’s [...]

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The Math of Early Speed

Lately I’ve been looking at the math of early pace running styles, especially the one-dimensional types. I found something very interesting, I think. Since we play this game with an eye on the odds (or should), it’s important to know the probabilities of a 1 dimensional early pace horse making its running style in the [...]

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