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The Handicapper’s Lab Update

Please note: The core section of the program is the Pace Styles section. Start here to build your pace match-up advantages.
Abbreviation Quick Guide

(Image smaller than actual program)
Surf/Dist – Surface and Distance (Boxes left unchecked includes ALL surfaces and distances)
Dirt/AW – Dirt and all weather
Turf: Turf surface only
SPRT: Sprint races only
RTE: Route Races only
Trner/Jcky – Trainer [...]

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PaceAppraiser PPs + Handicapper’s Lab Special

PaceAppraiser PPs: Sign Up for 3 Months and Get the Handicapper’s Lab for FREE. Get Started Today. (One payment of $59.95 – Offer expires June 30th)

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New Update in the Works

We have an update in the works for our standalone utility. Jason and I will be working on it this weekend. The important surprise pace race factor will be included along with a couple more. As you’ve probably read here at PaceAppraiser Extra we have plans to complete the utility with the extreme pace, lone [...]

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Free Program for PA Subscribers

PaceAppraiser Newsletter 05.06.2010
Good news: We have a new standalone program that will locate early pace box horses in a flash. You can sort by CSFR (Competitive Speed Figure Range), FFR3+ (Form Factor Rating of 3 or better), 2dEPB (Early Pace Box horses along with Lone Early Pace Box qualifiers), PCZ (Horses that qualify in the [...]

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Longshot of the Day

April 3
Philadelphia – Race 2 – 10Kn3L – #1 Marek’s Czech – ML 15/1 (Late pace advantage. Pass if one or more horses scratch. We do not want the late pace advantage to disappear due to early pace scratches) Result – Early pace horse scratch – pass.

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Today’s Best Pace Advantage

March 20
Sam Houston – Race 7 – Alw5Ks – #3 Sabra – ML 4/1 (Late pace advantage. Disregard with one or more scratches) – Early pace scratch. No advantage

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Today’s Free PA PPs_Santa Anita

Download PDF

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