Handicapper’s Lab Copy and Paste

You don’t have to print each Lab profile individually. Make yourself a list and save paper. Here’s what I do. After I run my profiles (groups of factors) I use the Ctrl A keys to highlight the text. Next, I hit Ctrl C to copy the text and then I open a text editor (Word works great too) and hit Ctrl V to paste. Now you have a list of all your profiles on a single sheet of paper. Print and you’re ready to go.

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PA Customer Nails It

BRIS Prime Power and Pace

PaceAppraiser Forum Entry (Thank you Sean):

I sort my past performances by Prime Power (BRIS factor) numbers instead of Program Numbers and all that seems to do is make the chalk the top pick. I use this order as a means of looking at the Prime Power horses and finding reasons why they shouldn’t win. Say you have a Top 3 Prime Power horse that’s a 2dE (Early Pace Box) in a 27×0 Pace Pressure Gauge race. You better give me another good reason to bet this horse other than the fact that he’s a Prime Power horse because in this pace scenario I wouldn’t touch him. He may be viable if his Pace Comfort Zone is over 2.5; but even so, I’m still leery. I learned a long time ago that the first thing you have to do before you handicap a horse race is to read the conditions. If the horse doesn’t fit the conditions, approach with caution.


You’re so right. The eligibility conditions are very important. A lot of handicappers don’t read them. If the class and pace combination is the best bet in racing – and I think it is – then the eligibility conditions and pace boxes, along with extreme pace advantages, will give us that powerful information. I think most players think that class drops are the only class advantages but a perfect eligibilty conditions fit works as well, and with better prices. In summary: a horse that will be comfortable with its pace environment and fits the eligibility conditions is the best win bet in racing.


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The Handicapper’s Lab Update

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Please note: The core section of the program is the Pace Styles section. Start here to build your pace match-up advantages.

Abbreviation Quick Guide

(Image smaller than actual program)

Surf/Dist – Surface and Distance (Boxes left unchecked includes ALL surfaces and distances)
Dirt/AW – Dirt and all weather
Turf: Turf surface only
SPRT: Sprint races only
RTE: Route Races only

Trner/Jcky – Trainer and Jockey
20%T:Trainer with 20% win rate at meet and/or year
20%J: Jockey with 20% win rate at meet and/or year
20%JT:Trainer and Jockey combo win rate meet or last 365 days

Odds – Morning line odds
ML 2/1-: Minimum 2 to 1 or less
ML 5/2+: Minimum 5 to 2 or better
ML 5/1+: Minimum 5 to 1 or better

Comp Range – Competitive Speed Figure Range (CSFR)
CSFR: Finds horses that fit the competitive speed figure range for race
CSFR/1R: Finds horses that have CSFR from most recent race
LST: Horses that do not fit the CSFR but have a “listed” CSFR in one of its races 4 or more back. Use this function with LE (Lone Front Runner). In extreme pace handicapping we call this one the LE/Listed

Pace Styles – Running Styles and 2dEarly Pace Box
LE: Lone Front Runner
2dEPB: Two dimensional early pace horse with 4 or more speed points (E/P 4-8) racing in 2dEarly Pace Box today
2dE: Two dimensional early pace horse with 5 or more speed points (E/P 5-8)
Lone P: The only Presser in a race (The garden spot horse)
P/C: A Presser/Closer running style horse

Pace Factors
PCZ: Horse fits today’s Pace Comfort Zone requirement relative to running style and pace setter(s)
PCZ 5.0<=: Horse has a Pace Comfort Zone of 5 lengths or less (Best PCZ)
PCZ 5.0>: Horse has Pace Comfort Zone of more than 5 lengths (Best for 2nd spot in Exactas or 2nd and 3rd spot in Trifectas
F6+: Key pace race horses. Fast 6 or faster at pace call
PF!: Horses that have 100 or better pace figures in their three most recent races
PR+: Surprise pace race. Leading or less than ¾ of a length off the pace at the second call in most recent race but did not have pattern in previous to most recent race
LBPPG: Late pace bias Pace Pressure Gauge rating

Form Factors
FFR3+: Form Factor Rating of 3 or better (Best ratings)
FFR 0-2: Form Factor Rating of 0 to 2 (Best used for longshots and discovering underlays)
!$: Surprise in the money finish. Ran 2nd or 3rd in most recent race but did not in previous race
$: Finished in the money in most recent race
WLR: Won most recent race
BWLR: Big win most recent race (Won by 3 lengths or more while off the pace by ½ length or more at first and/or second call)
SLR: Finished 2nd in most recent race
CF/L2R: Finished closer to the winner in most recent than in previous race

Form Patterns
L1/L2: First time off layoff or 2nd time off layoff
OXP: Layoff then finished in the money and then finished out of the money in most recent race (Bounce pattern)
2S+R: Early pace horse with 5 or more speed points coming in today’s route race off a layoff and then followed by two sprint races
TS+: Turf races only. A horse that will be on the turf for the first or second time in its lifetime and is the offspring of a top turf sire in those situations

Here are some handicapping and research questions I posted a few days ago just in case you missed them:

Want to know if there’s a lone front-runner in today’s card or cards? Done
How about a Lone Presser? Done
What about a Presser/Closer in a late pace bias race? Done
Want to know if there’s a key pace horse racing in a light early pace pressure race? Done
How about a 20% jockey/trainer combo coming out of a surprise money finish? Done
Want to know just a list of horses that have Pace Comfort Zone Rating of less than 5.0? Done
What about a list of horses that are over the PCZ of 5.0 for your exactas in the second spot? Done.
How about early pace horses coming out of two sprints and routing today? Done
Want to know only the horses that had a Big Win last race? Done
What about an OX bounce pattern off a layoff? Done
Want a list of horses that are coming out of key pace races and are 5/1 or higher morning line? Done

Well, you get the idea. This list goes on and on and on.

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PaceAppraiser PPs + Handicapper’s Lab Special

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PaceAppraiser PPs: Sign Up for 3 Months and Get the Handicapper’s Lab for FREE. Get Started Today. (One payment of $59.95 – Offer expires June 30th)

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Scratch Function for Handicapper’s Lab Now Available

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We’ve just completed testing…
The scratch function for the Handicapper’s Lab is ready to go. We’ve also included a Save Profile option, which allows you to save your favorite profiles for easy access the next time you use the program. A video is in the works that will explain the new features.

Current owners of the Handicapper’s Lab will receive an email soon with download instructions.

Thank you,


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Scratch Function and The Handicapper’s Lab

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We’re now testing the scratch function for the Handicapper’s Lab. It will be ready to go very soon. We’re also adding a Save Profile function to the Lab. Stay tuned for release date.

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Winner Last Race Research Project Update for 2011

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Is there a black box that can turn a profit? I’ve never believed it, and I’ve done a lot of research. Well, maybe, just maybe, I’m ready to change my mind. Here’s what I’ve found:

I’ve been following last race winners (The Handicapper’s Lab option is WLR) since Jan. 10th, 2011. I added CSRF/R1 (competitive speed figure range qualifier in last race), and a PaceAppraiser FFR3+ (form factor rating of 3 or better) along with dirt races only to the mix. These factors are included in the Handicapper’s Lab program. No other handicapping was done. Here are the results (we’ll do this on a flat 2$ bet).

Jan. 10th through March 13th:
1274 plays = $2548 invested
$2936.70 gross return
$388.70 profit
+15.2 % return on investment.

I think that’s impressive considering there’s no handicapping involved. A 15.2% ROI with that kind of volume gets my attention (the important word here is volume). That comes in at over 7,000 plays per year. Do the math for your bankroll. But it’s early still so let’s carry on to see where this goes. By the way, my E-Trade account is not producing this kind return.

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