The Official Breeders’ Cup iPhone App

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Watch all 14 Breeders’ Cup World Championships races LIVE on November 5th and 6th on your iPhone with the Official Breeders’ Cup iPhone App. Until then, use the app to stay up-to-date on all the latest racing news, view the possible contenders for each division or watch any previous Breeders’ Cup race dating back to the inaugural event in 1984, among other things.

The Official Breeders’ Cup iPhone App includes:

- Live video of all 14 races of the 2010 Breeders’ Cup

World Championships
- Video Vault: Every Breeders’ Cup World Championship race ever run (1984-2009). Whether you want to relive the excitement of Zenyatta’s thrilling win in the 2009 Breeders’ Cup Classic or watch the very first Breeders’ Cup race in 1984, the video vault has it all.

- Get all the information you need about all 14 Championship races, including past winners and 2010 contenders.

- Not sure where to place your bets on the Breeders’ Cup? Our app uses your current location to map out all the simulcast sites in your area where you can wager on the Breeders’ Cup.
- Use our iPhone app Wagering Calculator to determine the cost of your Breeders’ Cup wagers
- Check out our Betting 101 guide to brush up on your track lingo.

- Important information regarding Churchill Downs, including seat/facility maps, post times and local weather.

- Think you’re the ultimate Breeders’ Cup fan? Play our trivia game and post your scores to Facebook, Twitter or on our Worldwide Leader board to see who knows the most.

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Small Sample But Interesting Results

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Here’s some interesting information that I’ve been following this month.

Out of 215 races that have CSFR, FFR3+ and !$ options checked they produced a 2% ROI. Nothing really special there but not bad when it was achieved using NO handicapping at all. The surprise in the money finish (!$) option will be included with the next utility update. Jason and I are working on that now. Let’s see if we can improve it the 2% ROI.

Out of those 215 races that had a PCZ (pace comfort zone rating) of 5.0 or less along with our CSFR/FFR+/!$ options gave us 157 plays and an improved 13% ROI. Better. Let’s continue to see if we can improve it even more.

Out of those 215 races that had the CSRF/FFR3+/PCZ 5.0 or less/!$ combo and the PCZ option that’s included in the present version of the utility added to the mix gave us 92 plays and a nice 33% ROI. Much better.

Remember, no handicapping at all, only those options. Remember too, we’re talking small samples here but it does look interesting. The PCZ 5.0 or less and the !$ options will be included in the next version of the utility.

Here are the options:
1. CSFR/FFR3+/!$ = +2% ROI
2. CSFR/FFR3+/PCZ 5.0 or less/!$ = +13% ROI
3. CSFR/FFR3+/PCZ 5.0 or less/PCZ/!$ = +33% ROI

So, this means to me that horses that qualify on competitive speed figures (they’re basically fast enough in terms of final time to be in the race), and have a form factor rating of 3 or better, and fit the pace comfort zone of the pace setter (a horse won’t fall out of its running style due to pace velocity), and have done their best running no more than 5 lengths off the pace at the second call, and showed enough improvement to finish in the money in the last race did very well in this sample. In other words, the closer to the pace at the second call the better a horse’s chance of winning. That makes sense in any kind of race, turtles included.

I’m still following along. We’ll see how it goes.

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A Red Red Flag

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Check out the image below. This horse went off at 6/5 but didn’t hit the board. Look for the big red flag.

The betting public loves these types of horses. Read the eligibility conditions and then check those last three races. This is the so-called class horse, right? Now look at the last pace of the race velocity rating (it’s in blue type). A Slow 10! That’s 10 lengths slower than average for that particular final time at Churchill Downs at six and a half furlongs. Now look at the running style (E/P-6) and the horse’s position at the second call. Leading by a head against that slow slow pace. There’s the red flag; a very weak pace velocity rating! When an early pace horse can’t keep things rolling against that kind of pace, throw them out without mercy. No win bet. No horizontal bet. No vertical bet. Save your money. Save your sanity. Look for red red flags.

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How to Find Extreme Pace Horses Fast

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Click on the these links to see how fast you can find extreme pace advantaged horses with the PaceAppraiser PPs.

Your browser must have Flash plug-in installed to view.

Find Lone Early Pace here.

Find Late Pace here.

More clips to come…

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New PA Filtering Program in Works

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Progress Update: We’re working on the new version of the PaceAppraiser Filtering Program. Here are the options that are in the works:

1. 20% trainer this year & meet
2. 20% jockey this year & meet
3. 20% trainer/jockey combo
4. Big win
5. Lone presser
6. Extreme late pace advantage
7. Pace Comfort Zone rating of 5.0 & less
8. Turf breeding database for first and second starts on turf
9. Top speed figure
10. Top adjusted speed figure
11. Distances (routes & sprints)
12. Maiden Claiming races
13. Maiden Special Weight races
14. Lone early
15. Bullet workouts
16. OX pattern
17. 1R, 2R & 3R (Competitive Speed Figure rankings)
18. 2nd place finish
19. Class drop
20. CP (Lowest class last three races)
21. Morning line ranges
22. Closer at finish improvement pattern
23. Turf races
24. Jockey change

These factors will be added to the 10 filters/factors we have now. Scroll down to read all about the current options. We’ll post detailed instructions soon. Stay tuned.

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Make Money with the Wake Up Call.

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EC+/!$ @ FFR3+

!$: Surprise in the money finish last race out of last three races and fits the eligibility conditions of the race.

F+ Factor

1. !$ (PR+ extra added attraction) (PR+ = Surprise Pace Race – See articles on this site)

Speed Figure Requirements

1. 1R (Competitive Speed Figure Range Qualifier Last Race)
2. 2R (Competitive Speed Figure Range Qualifier Second Race)

Elimination Factors

1. No plays below ML 5/2
2. No extreme seconditis horses
3. No races with E/P8s unless qualifier is P/C type
4. No 7-12 post positions in routes for early pace types
5. No E/P 0-4
6. No PCZ over 5.0
7. No PCZ under 1.0 with more than 3 E/P 5-8s
8. No 7 furlong races or races beyond 1 mile and an 1/8th
9. No claiming 2 life time
10. No maiden races
11. No horses with 2 layoff lines in last three races
12. No long layoffs (over 3 months without trainer stats support)
13. No drops below claiming tag
14. No unsupported turf to dirt speed figures
15. No economically unsound class drops
16. No confirmed losers (2 for 32, etc.)
17. No repeated class drops without improvement
18. No cheaper tracks than host track
19. No distance problems (sprinter stretching out without EC support)

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Hemingway and Racing

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You go to the races?

Yes, occasionally.

Then you read the Racing Form…There you have the true art of fiction.

—Conversation in a Madrid café, May 1954

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