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    February 12, 2010, 18:56

    UnPacker is a free mass extraction program that can unzip/unrar all (or selected) archives in a given folder. It can optionally remove archives after extraction…

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    February 10, 2010, 19:05

    Visit PaceAppraiser Extra from your mobile phone’s web browser PaceAppraiser Extra is optimized for you mobile phone. Open you phone’s browser and type…

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    February 9, 2010, 13:27

    This page contains the site table of contents. Use it to quickly find content on this website.

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    • Contrary to rumors, we're still in business. by: Randy Giles

      October 8, 2015, 12:26

      PaceAppraiser is still in business and looking forward to Breeder's Cup.

    • The PaceAppraiser Form Factor Rating by: Randy Giles

      January 15, 2015, 13:22

      I've been asked how the Form Factor Rating is calculated so here you go. The Handicapper's Lab does all the work for you. Form Factor Rating — 1 pt for…

    • How to Unblock PaceAppraiser in Java by: Randy Giles

      January 16, 2014, 11:18

      The new Java update blocks PaceAppraiser. No problem. Here's the quick fix. We're working on the permission manifest attribute that will bypass this entirely…

    • JCapper Instructions by: Randy Giles

      March 28, 2013, 22:14

      Here is a link to a web page that contains instructions for downloading and installing JCapper Silver that will generate the comma delimited file we use with…

    • HDW JCapper Silver Unlimited Download Plan Now Available at PaceAppraiser by: Randy Giles

      March 27, 2013, 12:29

      Now you can use JCapper files with PaceAppraiser PPs and the Handicapper's Lab. Sliver Unlimited Download Plan at per month or Flex Data (daily…

    • Testing Unlimited File Downloads for our PPs and Handicapper's Lab by: Randy Giles

      March 4, 2013, 20:07

      We will support the JCapper data files shortly (unlimited downloads at a great price). Testing now. Almost ready to go. Stay tuned. We will continue to support…

    • Unlimited File Downloads Coming Soon by: Randy Giles

      November 12, 2012, 18:36

      Great price on unlimited monthly file downloads just about ready to go. Stay tuned.

    • Handicapper's Lab Copy and Paste by: Randy Giles

      June 14, 2012, 13:22

      You don't have to print each Lab profile individually. Make yourself a list and save paper. Here's what I do. After I run my profiles (groups of factors) I use…

    • PA Customer Nails It by: Randy Giles

      February 14, 2012, 15:41

      PaceAppraiser Forum Entry (Thank you Sean): I sort my past performances by Prime Power (BRIS factor) numbers instead of Program Numbers and all that seems…

    • Scratch Function for Handicapper's Lab Now Available by: Randy Giles

      March 25, 2011, 18:06

      We've just completed testing... The scratch function for the Handicapper's Lab is ready to go. We've also included a Save Profile option, which allows you…

    • Scratch Function and The Handicapper's Lab by: Randy Giles

      March 22, 2011, 20:41

      We're now testing the scratch function for the Handicapper's Lab. It will be ready to go very soon. We're also adding a Save Profile function to the Lab.…

    • Winner Last Race Research Project Update for 2011 by: Randy Giles

      March 14, 2011, 22:16

      Is there a black box that can turn a profit? I've never believed it, and I've done a lot of research. Well, maybe, just maybe, I'm ready to change my mind.…

    • Please Note by: Randy Giles

      February 15, 2011, 14:36

      The Handicapper's Lab does not contain spyware, malware or trojans of any kind; it’s completely free of malicious scripts. It’s simply a standalone…

    • January Results for LE/CSFR Handicapper’s Lab Factors by: Randy Giles

      February 2, 2011, 21:57

      In the month of January I used the Handicapper’s Lab for front runners (LE) along with the competitive speed figure range qualifiers (CSFR) options and…

    • How to Find Big Prices with Lone Front Runners by: Randy Giles

      January 11, 2011, 20:49

      I wrote about this one in Extreme Pace Handicapping. Today at BEU one comes along at at great price. The Handicapper Lab got it with a few clicks of my…

    • The Handicapper's Lab Power Turf Sires by: Randy Giles

      January 9, 2011, 15:26

      The TS+ option is powerful...

    • The Handicapper's Lab Ready for Download by: Randy Giles

      January 8, 2011, 14:58

      The Handicapper's Lab is ready to go... Gulfstream, Santa Anita and Oaklawn here we come! See how fast you can locate pace advantage horses with The…

    • The Handicapper's Lab Available Tomorrow by: Randy Giles

      January 6, 2011, 16:57

      We will release the The Handicapper's Lab tomorrow, Friday, Jan. 7. Check back for pricing. Please note: The core section of the program is the Pace…

    • Batting Average in the Win Pool by: Randy Giles

      December 15, 2010, 20:56

      If you can win 20% (.200 batting average) of your races at average odds of 5/1, your ROI, return on investment, will be +20%; and that’s a good goal to…

    • The Handicapper's Lab by PaceAppraiser Release Date Set by: Randy Giles

      December 7, 2010, 21:20

      We will be releasing the newest version of our filtering program the first week of January 2011. This version has over 30 filters, which means there are…

    • Graded Stakes and Pace Box Examples for November by: Randy Giles

      November 30, 2010, 15:21

      I’ve had some requests for the Pace Box winners and losers this month in the graded stakes races (see previous post). The date, track, race number, type of…

    • Impact Values, $NET and Graded Stakes Races by: Randy Giles

      November 28, 2010, 14:30

      I’ve had James Quinn’s book The Handicapper’s Stakes Festival sitting on my desk for a few months just as reminder that’s it time to give it go.…

    • New PA Filter in Testing Phase by: Randy Giles

      November 14, 2010, 13:59

      We are now testing the newest version of the PaceAppraiser filtering program. I'm very excited about this version because it covers pace advantaged horses…

    • Longshots and Breeders’ Cup Saturday by: Randy Giles

      November 6, 2010, 13:11

      Yesterday we had three longshots with one winner in that category - Eldaafer in the 5th race paid .20. Today’s longshots: Race 1 – Soldat (#9)…

    • Longshots and Breeders’ Cup Friday by: Randy Giles

      November 5, 2010, 13:44

      Here are a few longshots, a couple of top three betting choices, and a legitimate favorite. Let’s do the longshots first: Race 5 – Eldaafer (#4) at…

    • New PaceAppraiser Filtering Program Coming Soon by: Randy Giles

      November 1, 2010, 17:16

      The newest version of the PaceAppraiser filtering program is in the final stages of development. This version will include over 30 filters! Stay tuned for…

    • The Official Breeders’ Cup iPhone App by: Randy Giles

      October 13, 2010, 17:00

      Watch all 14 Breeders’ Cup World Championships races LIVE on November 5th and 6th on your iPhone with the Official Breeders’ Cup iPhone App. Until then,…

    • Small Sample But Interesting Results by: Randy Giles

      September 15, 2010, 15:31

      Here’s some interesting information that I’ve been following this month. Out of 215 races that have CSFR, FFR3+ and !$ options checked they produced…

    • A Red Red Flag by: Randy Giles

      August 23, 2010, 13:36

      Check out the image below. This horse went off at 6/5 but didn’t hit the board. Look for the big red flag. The betting public loves these types of…

    • How to Find Extreme Pace Horses Fast by: Randy Giles

      August 21, 2010, 17:17

      Click on the these links to see how fast you can find extreme pace advantaged horses with the PaceAppraiser PPs. Your browser must have Flash plug-in…

    • New PA Filtering Program in Works by: Randy Giles

      August 16, 2010, 16:42

      Progress Update: We're working on the new version of the PaceAppraiser Filtering Program. Here are the options that are in the works: 1. 20% trainer this…

    • Make Money with the Wake Up Call. by: Randy Giles

      July 25, 2010, 22:00

      EC+/!$ @ FFR3+ !$: Surprise in the money finish last race out of last three races and fits the eligibility conditions of the race. F+ Factor 1. !$…

    • Hemingway and Racing by: Randy Giles

      July 6, 2010, 21:48

      HEMINGWAY You go to the races? INTERVIEWER Yes, occasionally. HEMINGWAY Then you read the Racing Form...There you have the true art of fiction. …

    • PA Utility Embedded Database Update by: Randy Giles

      June 22, 2010, 12:33

      We have embedded the database files into a single executable file (PaceAppraiser.exe). Subscribers can download it on the Java console page. Delete the the…

    • PA Filter Update by: Randy Giles

      June 18, 2010, 15:10

      The new filtering utility is ready to go. We've added five new options: Two dimensional early pace horses (2dE). Surprise pace races (PR+). Power pace figure…

    • My Early Pace Box Worksheet by: Randy Giles

      June 4, 2010, 16:07

      The following worksheet is the same one I use daily to spot prime early pace box horses. Make sure your early pace box horse fits the conditions of eligibilit…

    • The PaceAppraiser Utility Update by: Randy Giles

      May 25, 2010, 18:46

      Jason and I are just about ready to release the new standalone program/utility, which will include the improving form factors for layoffs, superior pace…

    • Early Pace Box Winners since March 14 by: Randy Giles

      May 12, 2010, 14:28

      I’ve had numerous requests for a list of early pace box qualifiers. I’ve listed them below*. Read this and this and this and this first. I found the…

    • No Mush, Please by: Randy Giles

      May 11, 2010, 19:25

      I use two classifications for races, Edgy and Mushy. The Edgy types are the races that have horses that will be traveling in a comfortable pace environment.…

    • Free Program for PA Subscribers by: Randy Giles

      May 6, 2010, 13:00

      PaceAppraiser Newsletter 05.06.2010 Good news: We have a new standalone program that will locate early pace box horses in a flash. You can sort by CSFR…

    • Horse Racing, Baseball and Emotions by: Randy Giles

      May 5, 2010, 14:40

      “Showing emotion is just not done because baseball (horse racing) is such a humbling game. The exultation of success is going to be followed in short order…

    • The Power of Pace Velocity Ratings by: Randy Giles

      April 27, 2010, 12:48

      Want to know how that speed figure was earned? What about flagging horses on the improve? Would you like to know a horse’s pace ability – how it handles…

    • The Handicapper's Condition Book and Pace by: Randy Giles

      April 20, 2010, 20:46

      I don’t recommend books very often but there’s one you just have to have to be a complete player, I think. It’s called The Handicapper’s Condition…

    • Physiology and Speed Figures by: Randy Giles

      April 15, 2010, 16:29

      Let's say a horse gets loose on the lead and runs a final time of 1:47 at 1 1/8 mile. And let's say the pace was 1:09 4/5th. Now let's say the average or par…

    • How to Improve your ROI with Early Pace Boxes by: Randy Giles

      April 9, 2010, 18:00

      Since March 14th I’ve been playing only Early Pace Box qualifiers with a Form Factor Rating of 3 or better, and they fit the eligibility conditions…

    • Pace Advantages with Pace Boxes by: Randy Giles

      March 29, 2010, 21:59

      The PA PPs are designed to help players work through the data as efficiently as possible. These Pace Boxes, which uncover horses with a pace match-up…

    • Pace Travels Revisited by: Randy Giles

      March 25, 2010, 14:08

      I've spent the last few days rereading the highlighted sections in some old handicapping books and magazines. They go back a long way. Who inspired me the…

    • The Realities of Horse Racing Revisited by: Randy Giles

      March 22, 2010, 16:24

      On average the favorite wins 33% of all races. The second choice wins approximately 20% of the time. Third choice in the betting win at around 14% of the…

    • The Dominator by: Randy Giles

      March 15, 2010, 12:21

      If you’ve been reading my articles for any length of time, you know I enjoy reporting on research I’m involved in. I present them, usually with a 100+…

    • Class + Pace = $$$ by: Randy Giles

      March 8, 2010, 18:28

      Put this information in a 2D Early Pace Box and watch the magic. You can read about that important pace box here. I posted this article a few weeks ago but…

    • Beat the Maidens by: Randy Giles

      March 6, 2010, 13:29

      I’m interested in an automatic bet. A friend sent me an article on the topic and so I’m thinking about it again. Depending on the player or misanthropist…

    • Pace Velocity and the Final Fraction by: Randy Giles

      March 3, 2010, 12:19

      Today I want to talk a bit about the adjusted speed figure that’s included in the PA PPs. I received a letter, not an email, about it, and so it occurred…

    • Dutching for Fun and Profit by: Randy Giles

      March 1, 2010, 12:31

      We've all heard the word Dutching. In the old American Turf Monthly book called Treasury of American Turf there's an interesting article about the topic.…

    • The Down ‘n Dirty Sprinter  by: Randy Giles

      February 26, 2010, 13:03

      Let's make some money. Let's do it in sprints. Let's start with two-dimensional early pace running styles (E/P) with at least 20% of the speed points in the…

    • The Tao of the Circle Approach by: Randy Giles

      February 24, 2010, 15:48

      If you want to get a room full of handicappers up in arms then bring up the subject of odds lines. One extreme will tell you flat out that you will never…

    • The Math of Early Speed  by: Randy Giles

      February 22, 2010, 19:38

      Lately I've been looking at the math of early pace running styles, especially the one-dimensional types. I found something very interesting, I think. Since…

    • A Horseplayer's Missing Link? by: Randy Giles

      February 20, 2010, 13:39

      I've made some pretty stupid plays in my day. They drive/drove me crazy. At least crazy enough to investigate the problem and visit a shrink if necessary. I…

    • The ABC of Horse Racing 1948 Style by: Randy Giles

      February 17, 2010, 22:31

      In 1948 a little Bantam paperback book called The ABC of Horse Racing by Dan Parker, a columnist for the New York Daily Mirror, hit the stands. The first…

    • A Simple Pace Shape by: Randy Giles

      February 16, 2010, 22:25

      Formula: pv + wsf(pc) Pace velocity (pace of the race) + winner's speed figure compared to par for class equals a simple pace shape that includes the pace of…

    • The Speed Spot System  by: Randy Giles

      February 15, 2010, 18:47

      In the Dec. 1948 issue of American Turf Monthly Ray Taulbot unveiled his Speed Spot System. It's the granddaddy of pace handicapping. He focused on what…

    • 1932 Kentucky Derby by: Randy Giles

      February 12, 2010, 11:55

      The May 1932 issue of Horse and Jockey magazine did a nice spread on the Kentucky Derby for that year. Brother Joe, a handsome dark brown colt owned by…

    • Slow Pace & You'll Be Sorry by: Randy Giles

      February 11, 2010, 11:06

      If you’ve been reading this blog for long you know there’s a lot of talk about fast pace races, key pace races, etc. But it’s just as important to know…

    • Zen and the Art of Past Performances by: Randy Giles

      February 10, 2010, 12:44

      Is your head swirling with too much information? Trainer stats, bias ratings, trip notes, jockey/trainer combos, class appraisal, form appraisal, etc., and…

    • The Bias by: Randy Giles

      February 9, 2010, 01:54

      Well, the last newsletter created a bit of a controversy. Some folks simply thought I was a fly-boy lunatic for questioning ratings such as an obvious…

    • Pace Picture Techniques by: Randy Giles

      February 8, 2010, 15:23

        Today I want to go into some ways that you can use the pace picture that will help you organize and do your work as efficiently as possible. But first let…

    • Bring Home the Bacon 1936 Style by: Randy Giles

      February 7, 2010, 15:11

      One of the biggest bookmakers in the country passed away in 1936. Horse and Jockey magazine wasted no time publishing his secret system. The March 1937 issue…

    • The Man Speaks by: Randy Giles

      February 6, 2010, 13:14

      I’m the proud owner of a Robert Saunders Dowst tome (He got some help from Jay Craig – see the cover). It was published by the Sun Dial Press of NYC in…

    • Pace Makes the Race…Sometimes by: Randy Giles

      February 5, 2010, 21:07

      You probably know by know that I call myself a pace handicapper. However, I don’t believe that pace makes the race all the time. Pace makes the race when,…

    • Track Profiling by: Randy Giles

      February 4, 2010, 21:44

      I collect old horse racing magazines - some go back as far as 1898. One of my favorites is from 1925 called A Crystallized Manual by M. P. Walter & Co.…

    • When three powerful factors come together... by: Randy Giles

      February 3, 2010, 21:28

      One of my favor pastimes is post-mortem analysis. Take a pile of PPs and look for magic keys. Now the cynic will say there are no magic keys in horse racing,…

    • CPL/CP/FFR 3+/CSFR/PCZ 5.0 Limit by: Randy Giles

      February 2, 2010, 22:06

      The month of January has been a good one. Here’s how. It’s called the CPL/CP/FFR 3+/CSFR/PCZ 5.0 Limit. I’ll explain in a minute. First, let’s just…

    • Some Key MC results (Repost) by: Randy Giles

      January 26, 2010, 22:08

      There are a couple key pace (Fast 5+) race types in the maiden claiming ranks that we need to be aware of. A Fast 5+ key pace race horse that does not…

    • Critical thinking and polytrack (Repost) by: Randy Giles

      January 23, 2010, 22:15

      Turfway’s first meet on the polytrack surface saved horses, which is really what it’s all about. The posted fractions and final times were slower. The…

    • Pace Comfort Zones by: Randy Giles

      January 2, 2010, 22:10

      One of the tools we use with the PaceAppraiser PPs is the Pace Comfort Zone. This rating tells us the number of lengths from off the pace at the second call…

  • Updates  (19)
    • The Handicapper's Lab Update by: Randy Giles

      August 3, 2011, 19:13

      Please note: The core section of the program is the Pace Styles section. Start here to build your pace match-up advantages. Abbreviation Quick Guide …

    • PaceAppraiser PPs + Handicapper's Lab Special by: Randy Giles

      May 17, 2011, 12:00

      PaceAppraiser PPs: Sign Up for 3 Months and Get the Handicapper's Lab for FREE. Get Started Today. (One payment of .95 - Offer expires June 30th)

    • New Update in the Works by: Randy Giles

      May 13, 2010, 13:14

      We have an update in the works for our standalone utility. Jason and I will be working on it this weekend. The important surprise pace race factor will be…

    • Free Program for PA Subscribers by: Randy Giles

      May 6, 2010, 13:00

      PaceAppraiser Newsletter 05.06.2010 Good news: We have a new standalone program that will locate early pace box horses in a flash. You can sort by CSFR…

    • Longshot of the Day by: Randy Giles

      April 3, 2010, 02:24

      April 3 Philadelphia - Race 2 - 10Kn3L - #1 Marek's Czech - ML 15/1 (Late pace advantage. Pass if one or more horses scratch. We do not want the late pace…

    • Today's Best Pace Advantage by: Randy Giles

      March 20, 2010, 13:57

      March 20 Sam Houston - Race 7 - Alw5Ks - #3 Sabra - ML 4/1 (Late pace advantage. Disregard with one or more scratches) - Early pace scratch. No advantage

    • Today's Free PA PPs_Santa Anita by: Randy Giles

      March 19, 2010, 16:25

      Download PDF

    • Today's Best MSW Play by: Randy Giles

      March 18, 2010, 12:38

      March 18 Oaklawn - Race 10 - MSW38K - #8 Leopard Rock - ML 5/1 - Finished out of the money

    • Today's Best Maiden Play by: Randy Giles

      March 17, 2010, 12:35

      March 17 Aqueduct - Race 9 - Md35K - #3 Conga Bella - ML 7/2 - Win .20

    • Today's Best Claimer Play by: Randy Giles

      March 15, 2010, 13:10

      March 15 Philadelphia - Race 7 - #5 Light Sentence - ML 8/1 - Win .40

    • Today's Condition Book A List Entries* by: Randy Giles

      March 14, 2010, 12:45

      March 14 Gulfstream - Race 5 - Alw48Kn1x - #5 Touching Beauty ML 5/1 - Win .40 Fair Grounds - Race 6 - MSW 39K - #7 In Jack's Memory ML 3/1 - Win…

    • Game On - Maidens Sitting on Ready by: Randy Giles

      March 11, 2010, 23:27

      March 12 Tampa Bay - Race 4 - Md 8K - #11 Cosmosandreams - Finished out of the money Fair Grounds - Race 10 - Md 10K - #1 Political Rock - Win .20

    • Horses to Watch for March 5 by: Randy Giles

      March 5, 2010, 15:55

      List of 26 horses to watch for today from AQU, BEU, DED, FG, GG, GP, HAW, HOU, LRL, OP, PEN, SA, TAM, and TP. Download PDF. (Right click save as or click file…

    • Longshot for March 2 by: Randy Giles

      March 2, 2010, 15:19

      Philadelphia - Race 2 - #5 Swing Lane - ML 12/1 (Late pace advantage - No go if there are any scratches) Had a scratch for a no go. Late pace advantage…

    • Maiden Claiming Play of the Day by: Randy Giles

      March 1, 2010, 12:53

      Race Cancelled Fair Grounds - Monday, March 1 Race 10 #1 Stretch O'brien - ML 9/2

    • Close Look Horses for 2/26 by: Randy Giles

      February 26, 2010, 13:56

      This is a list of two dimensional early pace horses that are in light pace pressure races today. These horses should be given a close or second look since…

    • Easy Pace Spots for 2/25 by: Randy Giles

      February 25, 2010, 13:54

      Today's Early Pace Advantaged Horses AQU Race 3 - 3 Jimmy Vegas (2nd) Race 9 - 5 Leader Of The Lite (Scratched) LRL Race 4 - 2 Eyes On Versailles…

    • Easy Pace Spots for 2/24 by: Randy Giles

      February 24, 2010, 13:49

      Today's Early Pace Advantaged Horses AQU Race 3 - 6 Joey P. - (Win .70) HAW Race 8 - 6 Monkey Dust - (Out) BEU Race 2 - 1 Houston Heist -…

    • PaceAppraiser Update by: Randy Giles

      January 25, 2010, 21:53

      The VG Online feature can be accessed with the “Reduce” check box and Display button. This is a condensed version of the PA PPs. We’ve had some subscriber…

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